Ampuero, in photos

A town with a beautiful historic centre, Ampuero surprises and captivates

A natural park, a museum, a natural park… Ampuero is one of those places you may never have heard of, but which you will talk about non-stop once you visit it.

In Spanish we say that something leaves your eyes like saucers when something surprises you, leaves you senseless. In this case it is for the best, and that is how you will stay once you have visited Ampuero. Because of everything you will be able to see, experience and feel in this village in Cantabria.

There are already records of Ampuero; writings from the Middle Ages speak of the existence of some of the rural settlements that today make up Ampuero.
It was not until 1351 that the first references to Ampuero appeared. It was not until 1499 that its development began thanks to the promotion of the Pilgrim’s Way to Castile decreed by the Catholic Monarchs. Subsequently, in 1529, the first municipal ordinances were drawn up, proving its importance as a centre of population; a development that continued throughout the Modern Age, becoming the axis of economic development in the region.

And the town? Since 1728, when Felipe V granted it this title.

This is proof that it was already a centre of some importance. Throughout the Modern Age, Ampuero became the axis of economic development in the region thanks to a large number of forges and flour mills. In 1728, Felipe V granted it the title of town.

It is a place with a pretty town centre with narrow streets overlooked by glassed-in galleries and balconies, and in which the main square stands out, with two- and three-storey buildings supported by iron columns.

And if you feel like taking a stroll, and courtesy of the town council, here is a list of activities so that you can make the most of your visit to Ampuero (in Spanish only). A word of advice: don’t delay your visit. As soon as you can. You will thank us for it:


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