The rectangular bullring in Aldeanueva de la Vera

Bullfights are still held here in the style of La Vera

If a few weeks ago we told you about the square bullring in Rasines (Cantabria), today we present the one in Aldeanueva de la Vera (Cáreces). Its special feature: it is rectangular.

The love of bullfighting in Spain is part of its culture. This explains why there are so many bullrings all over the country, almost one in every town. You can also find them on our network of routes, but with a special feature: some of them are not round, as is usual.

Aldeanueva de la Vera.

We told you about one of them, in Rasines, a few weeks ago. A round bullring. The one we bring you here today, unlike that one, is rectangular. It is the one you can find in Aldeanueva de la Vera, the village through which Emperor Charles V passed on 3 February 1557 on his way to his final retirement in the Monastery of Yuste. Bullfights are still held here in the style of La Vera. Above all, from 16 to 19 July on the occasion of the celebration of the Cristo de la Salud (Christ of Health).

What little is known about this bullring is that its origins go back a long way, and that it was the site of armed clashes during the Civil War between the two opposing sides: the Nationalists and the Republicans. It is a place that still conserves its charm, with a curious shape to say the least.

Bullring in Aldeanueva de la Vera. Photo courtesy of Foro Ciudad.

Here we leave you with this video, courtesy of La Vera Magazine, so that you can see what the bullring of Aldeanueva de la Vera looks like; and also how the bullfights are celebrated in the style of La Vera. For your information, at no time is the animal injured:


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