Get to know Horcajo de las Torres, a new member of our network of routes

The emperor spent the night in this town in Avila on 7 November 1556, on his way to his final retreat in the Monastery of Yuste

Horcajo de las Torres has joined the Network of Routes of the Emperor Charles V. A town with a rich history, dating back to the Middle Ages, and which has a church with a history that is unparalleled in the region.

Eight kilometres from Madrigal de las Altas Torres – where the maternal grandmother of the man who would spend a night in these parts on his way to his final retirement in Yuste saw the first light -, eighty kilometres from Ávila and sixty-five from Salamanca, Horcajo de las Torres is located in the so-called plains.

It is located in the so-called flat lands to the north of Ávila, cereal lands, whose boundaries are crossed from south to north by the Trabancos and Ragamón rivers.

It is known from its history that it was part of the land of Madrigal, although its jurisdiction was sold to the inquisitor Fernando de Valdés during the reign of Felipe II, who acquired it for his nephew, Juan de Osorio. Over the centuries, it became part of the House of the Count of Miranda, in whose house Emperor Charles V spent the night on his way to Yuste.

Earlier we told you about the church of San Julián and Santa Basilisa. And what is this fact? That the bishop of Ávila was present there to consecrate it as a basilica. The pity is that it suffered numerous vicissitudes that left it in almost total ruin.

What remains is a building whose structure dates mainly from the 16th century, although in the 18th century the chancel was built and the nave to the north was widened. Due to its deterioration, another bell tower was built in plain brick attached to the remains of the old tower, without any decoration. In fact, the original construction can be seen at first glance, consisting of masonry boxes alternating with brick walls. Inside, the choir has been replaced by a modern metal structure and some large windows have been added.

A place that deserves a visit to get to know it better 😊



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