Marina Gómez Museum, in Alaraz

The museum was inaugurated by the artist herself in 2005

If you decide to visit Alaraz (Salamanca), you shouldn’t miss the Marina Gómez Museum, a small contemporary art centre which houses works by this painter and sculptor from Salamanca. You will also find works by other artists from both Alaraz and the province of Salamanca.

Alaraz, a municipality that has been part of the Network of Routes of Emperor Charles V for a couple of months now, has many charms that make it an essential visit.

Its special location, nestled in the region of Tierra de Peñaranda, means that you can enjoy the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range and the beginnings of the Castilian plateau. Inside the municipality, you will find charming gems such as the 17th-century church of the Virgen de las Nieves, with a Baroque altarpiece that is well worth a visit; or the hermitage of Santísimo Cristo del Monte, on the outskirts. There are also several mills – one of them Arab – and a stretch of river with streams and small waterfalls, where you will find an old spa with sulphurous waters.

Photo: Hotel Regio

In short, an ideal place to disconnect.

Marina Gómez Museum

And where you will also find this small contemporary art museum inaugurated in 2005 by the artist herself. Its aim is to promote culture in Alaraz and bring art to anyone who wants it. However, bear in mind that it is only open during the summer months, when Marina Gómez – who is based in Madrid – can attend it.
Inside a private house decorated with shells brought from different trips to the coast by its owner, you will find both works by the artist and others donated over time by artists from both Alaraz and the province of Salamanca.

Source and photo: Blog Hotel Regio


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