Emperor Charles V’s first journey to Valladolid

The prince arrived in Valladolid at the age of 17, on 18 November 1517

The first journey of the prince will be remembered for his triumphal entry into Valladolid, albeit very cold according to the chronicles.

The future Charles V arrived in Valladolid on 18 November 1517. He entered the city through the Puerta del Campo -now Plaza de Zorrilla- accompanied by his sister Leonor and his brother Ferdinand, whom he had met a week earlier in Mojados.


According to the chronicles, the accompaniment was worthy of the occasion: in addition to the brothers, he was accompanied by the Archbishop of Saragossa, representatives of the Pope, the Emperor Maximilian – his grandfather – the King of Portugal and the Venetian nobility. The procession was opened by the five hundred infantrymen of Captain de Espinosa, followed by the royal cavalry and Captain Cabanillas, the trumpets of the Infante Don Fernando, the Knights of the Golden Fleece, the high dignitaries, lords, dukes, counts, barons and marquises, etc.

Charles, dressed for the occasion, was accompanied by a hundred German knights decked out in the white, yellow and red of the house of Habsburg; to his left, as many archers with the cross of St. Andrew on their breasts. Behind him, four hundred Spanish halberdiers.

Palace of Pimentel, Valladolid.

The procession travelled along the present-day Calle de Santiago to the Plaza Mayor -then the market square- and from there to the Church of Santa María, where Charles kissed and prayed the Holy Gospels, before setting off for the palace of the Counts of Rivadabia – now the Palace of Pimentel – where he stayed for the first time.
However, the reception was very cold. The bad weather, with a lot of rain, was accompanied by the scant affection that both the Castilian people and the Church showed him.


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