The fountain in the Plaza de los Chorros in Cuacos de Yuste

It dates from the 16th century and is one of its most outstanding monuments

If you travel to Cuacos de Yuste you will find many things that were already there when Emperor Charles V arrived to retire to the monastery a quarter of a league away. One of them is the fountain in the Plaza de los Chorros.

Now located in the square to which it gives its name and which was then known as the Old Quarter of Cuacos de Yuste, this fountain dates back to the beginning of the 16th century and, as you will have seen if you know it, and if not we invite you to do so, it is still in a perfect state of conservation.

There are some curious facts about it, such as the fact that the water that flows from its jets comes directly from the nearby Sierra de Tormantos, where the Monastery of Yuste is located; and that the stones of its edges are so worn because, it seems, it was used to sharpen the tools and farming implements of the inhabitants of Cuacos.

However, there is also another explanation, which claims that the cracks in the stone are due to the wear and tear of so many centuries supporting the weight of water jugs. Which one do you prefer?

It’s a charming place, perfect for a postcard or a photo, and represents the soul and essence of a region such as La Vera de Cáceres, where you can find the pretty village of Cuacos de Yuste. It may soon be the Capital of Rural Tourism 2021.

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