Curiosities of the Monastery of Santa Clara in Tordesillas

You can still hear the whispers of Joanna I of Castile if you listen carefully

Juana I of Castile arrived in Tordesillas at the age of 29. She did so accompanying the body of her late husband, Philip the Handsome. And there she stayed for life, in the Monastery of Santa Clara.

In 1340 the Battle of Salado took place, one of the most decisive of the Castilian Reconquest. It ended in victory for Alfonso XI of Castile, and in homage it was decided to undertake the construction of a Mudejar-style palace in Tordesillas on the remains of an earlier building, which was remodelled in 1363 to adapt it to the new use, hence the existence of features of the Gothic style of the period.

It’s a palace that has always been linked to the Crown of Castile. In this monastery they entered or decided to live for several seasons together with the nuns Juana Alfonso de Castilla, Leonor de Castro, Queen Juana Manuel, Leonor de Alburquerque and, from 1509, Juana I of Castile. She went there to pray whenever she could until, in 1525, the remains of Philip the Handsome were transferred to the Royal Chapel in Granada, where they rest.

The last royal visit took place in 1852, when Isabella II and her entire family stayed in the guesthouse of the Monastery of Santa Clara.

But, as well as welcoming all those women, in 1808 it also welcomed another important figure in history, Napoleon Bonaparte. Due to heavy snowfall, he had to spend the night of 25 December in the Monastery of Santa Clara. The next day, he left the monastery, but not before pardoning some prisoners.

A place with a lot of history and to be enjoyed at leisure. And it awaits you in Tordesillas when you want to visit it.


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