Get to know… the Alcazar of the Constables of Castile

Also known as Las Torres de Medina, it is currently used as a cultural centre and museum

The Alcázar de los Condestables de Castilla, or Torres de Medina, is an imposing Gothic-style fortress-palace that you can find in Medina de Pomar (Burgos), which currently houses the museum and municipal archives.

Imposing. There is no other way to define the Alcázar de los Condestables de Castilla, also known as Torres de Medina. An «Alcazar» that is striking for its austerity and robustness. The complex is made up of two square towers of ashlar masonry with hardly any openings -except for some loopholes and Gothic-style mullioned windows- and topped by battlements. Joining the two towers is a lower central body that served as the main hall.

However, the austere exterior was not at all transmitted to the interior, since luxury was the common currency if we look at the remains of Mudejar inspiration that are still preserved.

The complex was commissioned by Pedro Fernández de Velasco during the reign of King Henry II of Castile, of whom he was the Lord Chamberlain. This monarch donated the town of Medina de Pomar to him as a reward for services rendered in his fights against his half-brother, King Pedro I the Cruel. Since 1886 it has belonged to the Town Council of Medina de Pomar, after being ceded in usufruct by its then owners, the Dukes of Frías.

Medina de Pomar.

It is believed that construction may have begun around 1370, but Pedro Fernández de Velasco never saw it completed. His eldest son, Juan Fernández de Velasco, did.
Nowadays, inside you can find the museum and municipal archives, where various cultural and artistic activities are also held.

SOURCES: and Castillos del Olvido

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