Discover… The Cascades of Los Molinos, in Alaraz

A town where Emperor Charles V spent the night on his way to Yuste, one of its treasures is a place which, had he known it, would have amazed him

La Zona de los Molinos is a stretch of river with streams and waterfalls where you will find the ruins of an Arab mill and an old spa with sulphurous waters. This is where you will find Las Cascadas de los Molinos.

We will never know if the Emperor Charles V heard about this place that is the subject of these lines when he decided to spend the night in Alaraz on his journey on his way to the Monastery of Yuste, in Extremadura.

The place we recommend you is a part of an area known as Los Senderos de los Molinos, made up of three circular routes. Here you will find a whole festival of water next to the remains of the old mills of rodiezno, which were moved by the water.

SOURCE: YouTube channel of Julián Giménez.

It is an ideal place to disconnect and enjoy nature. The scenery is spectacular, with a path that runs through cork oaks, holm oaks, chestnut and olive trees until it reaches the old mill, next to which the waterfall that gives it its name cascades down.

This is one of those places where, once you get there, time seems to pass slowly as you enjoy everything the surroundings have to offer. A melting pot of colours and smells of nature that the water of the waterfall refreshes.

One of those visits that we recommend you make if you love nature, its landscapes, and the peace they provide. To be repeated again and again

And so that you can get an idea of what the place is like, here is this video:

SOURCE: Corte Concepción and own elaboration

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