Mojados, heart of an empire

This year returns thee encounter between the two brothers who were to become Holy Roman Emperors

Mojados will once again host a new edition of «Heart of an Empire», an event that was suspended last year due to COVID-19. The town council has programmed activities including historical re-enactments, a medieval market and camp, and a Renaissance mass.

Mojados recovers its «Heart of an empire», the event that commemorates the meeting that took place in this village on 11 November 1517 between the future King of Castile, Charles I, and later Emperor Charles V, and his brother Ferdinand, who would succeed him on the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.


Two brothers who did not know each other and had never met, and who in those days laid the foundations for what would become the reign of Charles I in Castile – which would be accompanied months later by the crown of the Kingdom of Aragon. As a result of that meeting, Ferdinand was sent out of Spain – as he was considered a rival by his brother – to hold various offices. The most important of all, the crown of the Holy Roman Empire after the abdication of Charles V.

Programme of activities

To remember those historic days, Mojados is bringing back its now customary «Heart of an empire», where you can enjoy various historical re-enactments – including the meeting between the two brothers – dramatised routes and a Renaissance mass.

There will also be an encampment and a Renaissance artisans’ market during the three days of the fair. The Renaissance Fair will be inaugurated by the Aposentador, who this year will be Víctor Fernández Correas, journalist and writer, author of «The Conspiracy of Yuste», among other novels.

An event with which Mojados resumes the celebration of the meeting between the two sons of Philip the Handsome and Queen Juana, daughter of the Catholic Monarchs, which was suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19.

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