This summer… YES!

All the conditions are in place for a relatively normal summer… but always with caution

Last summer was a lull between the various waves of COVID-19. However, with a large part of the population already vaccinated, this year looks set to be a different summer to that of 2020. It is time to enjoy it, but always with prudence and responsibility.


Sea or mountain?


Beach or river?


In our network of routes you have the alternatives of both possibilities: the kilometre-long beach of Laredo, or the gorges of La Vera, which descend from the Sierra de Gredos bringing with them the spring thaws.

This is just one of the many possibilities offered by our network of routes. And this summer we want you to squeeze every last drop out of them.

What are you waiting for to enjoy them?

And trails. Hundreds of kilometres to cover, routes to follow in the footsteps of Emperor Charles V on his first journey, on his way to Valladolid, and on his last one to Yuste.

Castillo de Jarandilla Red de Rutas del Emperador Carlos V
Jarandilla de la Vera.

Routes where you can stop to rest, to enjoy the best of the gastronomy of each of the members of this network of routes. A network that you can enjoy with your eyes, feel with your ears, savour with your mouth and rest to continue on your way.

Because that is what our network of routes is: a series of paths designed for you to enjoy the best rural architecture, the most impressive churches and monasteries, castles that saw hundreds of battles, and some of them even the temporary stay of the most powerful man of his time.

And always remember to do so with caution, without losing sight of the regulations in force at any given time. We are beginning to leave the worst behind us.

Let’s not spoil everything we have already achieved.

We are waiting for you with open arms!

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