A visit to the Charles V Museum in Mojados

Small, but with all the arguments for a very enriching visit

Mojados is home to the first museum in Spain dedicated to the Emperor Charles V. A place where you can learn details of his life, as well as see a life-size figure of him.

In Mojados, in an outbuilding of the town hall, you will find the museum that this town in Valladolid – the place where the meeting between the future Charles V and his brother Ferdinand, who would succeed him at the head of the Holy Roman Empire, is commemorated – is dedicated to the figure of the man who arrived there in November 1517 with the intention of meeting his brother.

It’s a small museum, but large in terms of content and information. Here you will find information about his life, his works, as well as the context and the period in which Emperor Charles V lived.

Divided into various sections, with murals full of information and interactive screens in Spanish and English, you can learn about details such as those mentioned above, complemented by period costumes and other decorative motifs.

The museum also has a life-size figure of the then heir to the crown of Castile, with which you can take a photo as a souvenir.

A museum that stands out for offering a complete vision of the life of Emperor Charles V, of the period in which he lived, and which in the not too distant future will be extended with more rooms that will house material related both to the emperor and to the meeting that, year after year, is held in Mojados to remember the encounter between the two sons of Juana I of Castile, and which is already known by the title of «Mojados, heart of an empire».

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