Alaraz, a mountain biking paradise

Around this town in Salamanca there are several routes that will delight mountain bike lovers

If you are a mountain bike lover, we have no doubt that your destination is Alaraz. A place where you can enjoy routes to squeeze your bike while you enjoy trails and paths where you will be the king or queen.

Emperor Charles V passed through Alaraz on his way to the Monastery of Yuste. According to the chronicles, on 8 November he set off from Peñaranda de Bracamonte in the direction of Alaraz. Once there, he heard mass, spent the night in the town and the following day continued on his way to Yuste. These were roads along which the emperor travelled on a litter pulled by mules.

Photo: Salamanca 24 horas

Five centuries later, these same paths are now travelled by many mountain bike enthusiasts. Alaraz has become a paradise for lovers of this sport. So much so, in fact, that every year it hosts an event – or event – that brings together hundreds of mountain bikers. All this as a result of its commitment to sustainable and sustained tourism that, among other things, avoids depopulation.


Radical slopes, alleys, more or less technical ascents and descents, rocky areas, streams, muddy areas, ravines… If you want to know what routes you can do in Alaraz with your mountain bike, in this specialised website you’ll can find out how many there are, their level of difficulty, distance to cover, etcetera.

And as a sample of everything we have told you, here you have this video that summarizes one of those competitions we have told you about before. Undoubtedly, a great opportunity to enjoy one of the mountain bike paradises in Spain:

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