Tyrone Power, in The Alhambra

The actor, one of Hollywood’s great stars, visited the Alhambra in 1948 and left a phrase to remember

Countless people have fallen in love with the beauty and charm of the Alhambra in Granada. One of them was Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr., better known as Tyrone Power, who died at the age of 44, and who did not hesitate to say that everything he had read and heard about it was far from the truth.

For better and for worse, Spain was part of the life of the actor Tyrone Power. Sadly, he died in Madrid in 1958, at the age of 44, of a heart attack while filming the movie Solomon and the Queen of Sheba alongside Gina Lollobrigida. Curiously, the scenes shot in the foreground were replaced by those of Yul Brynner, who replaced him in the role of Solomon – those of Power remained unpublished – but not those in which he was seen in the distance, which were used for the final editing.

Ten years earlier, in 1948, he visited the Alhambra in the company of his fiancée at the time, Linda Christian, whom he married two years later and divorced in 1956. One of them, the singer Romina Power.

Tyrone Power and his then fiancée Linda Christian at the Alhambra. Photo: Ideal de Granada.

On that July 11, the couple entered the wonders of the Alhambra complex. According to those who attended the couple, they did not stop asking for details related to the history, the constructions, everything that would allow the actor to extract as much as possible from that visit that fascinated him so much. At the end, amazed by everything they had seen, the actor did not hesitate to declare that the Alhambra was much more beautiful in reality than he could have imagined.

And he will not be the first or the last to say so.

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