The poker of personalities that met in Mojados

On 12 November 1517, two emperors, a queen and a pope from Rome met there

Few places can boast of being the meeting place of people who have left their mark on history. One of them is Mojados, which on 12 November 1517 hosted a meeting attended by two emperors, a queen and a pope from Rome. That, in a small town in the 16th century.

For a few hours on 12 November 1557, Mojados, in the province of Valladolid, became the heart of an empire, as is the name of the festival that commemorates the meeting that took place there that day.


In fact, Mojados brought together for several hours a number of personalities who, with the passing of time, would become both Spanish and universal history; for it was there that the heir to the throne of Castile and his brother, Charles I of Spain, who four years later would become Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire, met; his younger brother Ferdinand, candidate to the throne for much of the Castilian nobility and his successor at the head of that empire; Eleanor, sister of those two, who two years later would become queen of Portugal, and a decade later queen of France; and Adrian of Utrecht, Charles’s tutor, who after being regent of Spain in his absence, in 1523 was elected pope under the name of Adrian VI, succeeding Leo X in the papal chair.

Consequently, few places can boast of being a meeting point between characters who would go down in history in one way or another. And it happened in Mojados, a short distance from Valladolid, on 12 November 1517.

This year, if you wish, you can attend Heart of an empire, the event that, from 1 to 3 July, will commemorate the meeting that we have told you about in this post.

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