Five secrets of the Palace of Emperor Charles V in the Alhambra

The palace was called the New Palace to differentiate it from those of the Nasrid period

Did you know that the Palace of Emperor Charles V was designed by a painter? We reveal this and other curiosities below.

The palace that Emperor Charles ordered to be built in the Alhambra contains a series of curiosities that you probably do not know.


Did you know that it was designed by a painter? Yes, as you read. Pedro Machuca was trained as a painter, although he knew everything, like a good Renaissance man. He was the architect of the emperor’s palace in the Alhambra, and also undertook some reforms in the Nasrid palaces, among other works. His plan and elevation include all the elements of Renaissance architecture, which advocated a return to Roman architectural orders.

On the other hand, the palace was initially called the New Palace to differentiate it from the palaces of the Nasrid period. From then on, they were called Palacios Viejos (Old Palaces). The reason for the construction of the new palace is due to the need for space to house all the administrative personnel, nobles, musicians, artists, members of the army, etc.

It must be said, however, that none of these palaces was demolished to build the new one requested by Emperor Charles V. The only thing that was destroyed was a small part of one of the corridors of the courtyard of Comares.

And, finally, what we told you in that post we told you about at the time: it was never finished. After various stages and architects, as well as various vicissitudes, including the rebellion of the Moors, in 1968 the palace was covered under the direction of the architect Francisco Prieto Moreno. No wonder he did not see it finished 😊


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