The Pass of Las Yeguas

After crossing it on his way to Jarandilla de la Vera, Emperor Charles V swore that he would not pass any other pass in his lifetime except the one of death

On 12 November 1556, Emperor Charles V passed the Collado de las Yeguas on his way to Jarandilla de la Vera, crossing the Sierra de Tormantos. There, those who heard him say that he told them that this was the last pass he would cross in life before the arrival of the last one: the death.

In Tornavacas on 11 November 1556, where he had arrived after a hard and exhausting journey, Emperor Charles V decided that he would cross the Sierra de Tormantos to reach Jarandilla de la Vera as soon as possible, instead of following the usual route to Plasencia and, once there, up the Valle de la Vera.

Consequently, the imperial retinue took to the mountains; and in just over eight hours they covered the twenty-eight kilometres – just under six Castilian leagues – that separate Tornavacas from Jarandilla de la Vera.

In the middle of the journey, the retinue came across the pass of Las Yeguas, at an altitude of almost 1,500 metres. Once there, the emperor is said to have looked around and said: «I will cross no other pass but the one of death. And it is not very much that land as good and healthy as that of Yuste is expensive to reach».

On the shoulders of the farmers chosen to carry him to Jarandilla, who took charge of clearing the path as he passed, he entered the castle of the Count of Oropesa at dusk. He still had one last pass to pass, and he would do so in the early hours of the morning of 20-21 September 1558.

It was his last port, as he had warned at Puerto de las Yeguas.

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