Castillo de Jarandilla Red de Rutas del Emperador Carlos V

The cities in which Charles V spent most of his time

Brussels is the city where he spent the most time during his life

Brussels, Mechelen and Valladolid are the three cities where Emperor Charles V spent the most time during his life, but they are the only ones…

There are three cities that can enjoy the privilege of having hosted Emperor Charles V for the longest time. They are Brussels, Mechelen and Valladolid. In total, 8622 days spread over 58 stays – 26 in Brussels, 4583 days; 21 in Mechelen, 2987 days; 11 in Valladolid, 1052 days.


But given that Charles V was a well-travelled monarch, it is logical that he visited some of the cities and towns of his empire more than once – and twice and three times. Such is the case of Augsburg, where he stayed on five occasions for a total of 781 days.

But while Valladolid is a city closely linked to the emperor – his son and heir, Philip, was born there – another city where he spent various stages of his life and which is also linked to his existence, in this case tragically, is Toledo. The Empress Isabella died there on 1 May 1529, and she stayed there on a total of eight occasions, spending 777 days there.


And, curiously, a city where he also spent a considerable amount of time – up to a total of 11 stays for 715 days – is Madrid, where his greatest enemy, the French King Francis I, was imprisoned for many months; and not forgetting Barcelona, where he stayed eight times during his life, spending 678 days.

Castillo de Jarandilla Red de Rutas del Emperador Carlos V
Jarandilla de la Vera.

Between Madrid and Barcelona, we cannot forget his final stay in the lands of Extremadura, divided between the palace of the Count of Oropesa in Jarandilla de la Vera and the Monastery of Yuste. 678 days, from 12 November 1556 to 21 September 1558.

SOURCE: Charles V, Emperor and Man

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