Tips for enjoying the cherry blossom season

From a few days ago until 10 or 12 April, approximately, you can enjoy this spectacle in the Jerte Valley

How about a visit to the Jerte Valley and ending it by walking through the same streets that Emperor Charles V walked through in Tornavacas? Here are some tips to help you enjoy a unique opportunity offered by nature.

In the Jerte Valley there are approximately one and a half million cherry trees which, from a few days ago (they can already be seen in the area of Valdastillas and Navaconcejo) and until 10-12 April, will give you a unique view if you decide to come and visit them in the next few days.

This year, perhaps, the flowering has been later due to the cold winter, especially during some weeks in January and February. Therefore, if in previous springs it occurred in the second half of March, this year an important part of the flowering will take place in April.

Also, bear in mind that the lower, warmer areas of the Valley flower first, and the process progresses until it culminates in the higher, cooler areas. What better time then to visit the Puerto de Tornavacas and contemplate the extensive white mantle that extends as far as the eye can see? And afterwards, walk through the same streets that Emperor Charles walked through on his visit in 1556 before taking the road that would lead him to Jarandilla de la Vera!

In short, a visit specially designed for all the family that combines history and nature and that will allow you to enjoy a unique spectacle, but also a little piece of Spanish history.

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