How Philip II was born

It started at midnight on 21st May and lasted 16 hours

The birth of Philip II, son of Emperor Charles V and his herdsman, was long and painful, but it was also a test of the strength and fortitude of the Empress, Elisabeth, who was barely heard screaming during the trance.

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The birth of Charles V

Emperor Charles V was born in a latrine, where his mother, Queen Joan, entered thinking that she needed to go to the toilet

There are ways and means of coming into the world, but the one that Emperor Charles V had can be considered one of the least «dignified» that there have been and will be. He saw the first light in the toilet that his mother went into thinking that she needed to go to the toilet.

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Charles V: two ways of living and dying

Their way of coming to this world and leaving it was different and curious

Charles V came into the world in the early morning of 24 February 1500, and left it in the early morning – also – of 21 September 1558. In the first case, he did so in the closest thing to a toilet; in the second, he was bedridden because of the disease transmitted by a mosquito bite. Sigue leyendo Charles V: two ways of living and dying