Curiosities of the Ommegang

The re-enactment commemorates the entry of Emperor Charles V into Brussels accompanied by his son, the future Philip II

Every year, except during the pandemic, at the end of June, one of the great historical re-enactments of our network of routes takes place: the Ommegang.

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Coudenberg Palace, in photos

It was the residence of Emperor Charles V during his stays in Brussels

A place that oozes history. These are just a few remains, but they are enough to give us an idea of what it was like. Undoubtedly, it was a centre of power. Particularly in the time of Emperor Charles V. Sigue leyendo Coudenberg Palace, in photos

This summer 2020 you are expected at Coudenberg Palace

A visit to discover the Palace of Emperor Charles V and a great number of activities

An essential visit to learn about the history and figure of a universal character like the Emperor Charles V. Sigue leyendo This summer 2020 you are expected at Coudenberg Palace

We invite you to take a virtual tour into Coudenberg Palace

Ruins with a lot of flavor to the history of the Spanish time in Flanders

One of the visits you can make if you decide to visit Brussels is the ruins of the Coudenberg Palace, destroyed by a fire in 1731. It housed great lords, kings and emperors, such as Emperor Charles V. Sigue leyendo We invite you to take a virtual tour into Coudenberg Palace

In Brussels… the Carolus Festival

From May to September, the capital of Europe offers you a complete calendar of activities. It’s necessary to stand out the celebration of Ommegang

The Carolus Festival offers a series of events that will allow you to travel to the Renaissance, in addition to enjoying events related to Emperor Charles V. Brussels has many reasons to be enjoyed, and that festival is one of the most important. Sigue leyendo In Brussels… the Carolus Festival

Les Arbalétriers de Sablon

Nouvelle opportunité de profiter de ces arbalétriers les 26 et 28 juin à Bruxelles

C’est l’une des activités inscrites au programme du festival Ommegang, qui se déroule comme chaque année à la fin du mois de juin à Bruxelles. Et voir les Arbalétriers de Sablon en direct est l’une de ces choses qu’il faut au moins voir une fois dans sa vie. Sigue leyendo Les Arbalétriers de Sablon