Learn more about the Old Tercio de Cartagena 1595

This is an association that recreates historical events that took place during the reigns of the Great Habsburgs

The Old Tercio de Cartagena 1595 Association aims to highlight the history of a city like Cartagena, now three thousand years old. It is also linked to great events that took place during the lives of Emperor Charles V and his son, Philip II.

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Get to know Horcajo de las Torres, a new member of our network of routes

The emperor spent the night in this town in Avila on 7 November 1556, on his way to his final retreat in the Monastery of Yuste

Horcajo de las Torres has joined the Network of Routes of the Emperor Charles V. A town with a rich history, dating back to the Middle Ages, and which has a church with a history that is unparalleled in the region.

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Lanestosa, in photos

A medieval village which is also the smallest municipality in Biscay; and the only one through which there is evidence of the passage of Emperor Charles V

Lanestosa, a natural passage from the Castilian plateau to the Bay of Biscay, was the second town of the old lordship of Biscay, after Balmaseda. A medieval town. More than that: a dream place.

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Mojados, in photos

This municipality in the province of Valladolid can boast of being the meeting place of two emperors

Mojados is 26 kilometres from Valladolid, a town in the Tierra de Pinares region, which in November 1517 was the meeting place of two brothers who would eventually become emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.

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Becerril de Campos, in photos

It has been a historic-artistic site since 1974, and was named the most beautiful village in Spain in 2016

Seven churches, five of which are still standing today, and a lot of history. That’s what we’ll show you below in the form of photos. Because Becerril de Campos, in the province of Palencia, has a lot to show you.

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Emperor Charles V’s visitors to Yuste and Jarandilla

Although incomplete, it reveals the quality and status of the person who chose the Monastery of Yuste to retire from the world

Have you ever wondered how many people visited Emperor Charles V in the Monastery of Yuste and previously in Jarandilla de la Vera? Although it is incomplete, by courtesy of Father Domingo de G. María Alboraya, we offer it to you below.

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The city of Medina de Pomar

Despite having nearly 6,000 inhabitants, Medina de Pomar can boast of being a city

Not because it is very big can it be considered a city. For example, Medina de Pomar is considered as such. We tell you why this historical curiosity.

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A region in the rucksack

The now mythical José Antonio Labordeta toured this region of Cáceres, and a report for the less mythical series ‘Un país en la mochila’ (A country in the rucksack) is on record

It was at the beginning of the 90s of the last century when José Antonio Labordeta embarked on a tour of those Spanish regions most attractive to the eye. One of his choices was La Vera, in the north of the province of Cáceres.

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Empress Elizabeth’s entry into Valladolid

After spending their honeymoon, the couple moved to Valladolid, where in September 1527 the heir, Philip II, was born

Empress Elizabeth made her entry into Valladolid on February 22nd, 1527. Seven months later she would give birth to her son and heir, Philip II. An entry that would be remembered for the opposite of what one would expect from an event of this nature. Continúa leyendo Empress Elizabeth’s entry into Valladolid