Empress Elizabeth’s entry into Valladolid

After spending their honeymoon, the couple moved to Valladolid, where in September 1527 the heir, Philip II, was born

Empress Elizabeth made her entry into Valladolid on February 22nd, 1527. Seven months later she would give birth to her son and heir, Philip II. An entry that would be remembered for the opposite of what one would expect from an event of this nature. Continúa leyendo Empress Elizabeth’s entry into Valladolid

The imperial honeymoon in Granada

Once married, Charles V and Elizabeth spent their honeymoon in Granada

After spending a few days in Seville, where the wedding was held in 1526, Charles and Elizabeth went to Granada, where they enjoyed a honeymoon that lasted until almost the end of that year.

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How Philip II was born

It started at midnight on 21st May and lasted 16 hours

The birth of Philip II, son of Emperor Charles V and his herdsman, was long and painful, but it was also a test of the strength and fortitude of the Empress, Elisabeth, who was barely heard screaming during the trance.

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