Villalar de los Comuneros: a place to breathe history

This town was the scene of the battle that bears his name, in which the imperial troops defeated those of the Communities of April 23, 1521

A place for history, a few kilometers from Valladolid and Tordesillas, Villalar de los Comuneros is a place where history is breathed, felt, seen. A meeting and celebration place, as well as a site to visit as soon as you have the slightest opportunity.

Villalar de los Comuneros has a date on fire: April 23, 1521, when the armies of Emperor Charles V and the communities clashed in that city, with the defeat of the latter. Fire, anger. Death.

After that battle, the three community leaders ―Padilla, Bravo and Maldonado― were executed and beheaded in the main square of Villalar; right where, today, an obelisk remembers his memory, that year after year politicians offer flowers in his memory.

A walk through Villalar

Villalar de los Comuneros smells like history, it breathes on all four sides. In that main square, where the visitor can observe the called Torre del Reloj, from the end of the 13th century, and used in other times to notify the council with its bell; and without losing sight of the parochial church of San Juan Bautista, built in brick and tapial in the 16th century ―although finished two centuries later in a neoclassical style that can be seen inside it― much less its Romanesque-Byzantine Christ , as well as its 18th century organ; neither is the church of Santa María, also from the 16th century, and that today is the House of Culture of Villalar de los Comuneros.

April 23rd

And it is precisely every April 23 when he remembers the battle that took place in 1521, when people go to the town in search of fun, for which they find regional dances and typical stalls in which to taste the best of the land and its gastronomy.

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