The day that Rita Hayworth visited the Alhambra

It happened in 1952, and she was able to enjoy a quiet, almost anonymous visit, given the little repercussion of her visit to Granada

The Alhambra has attracted the attention of all kinds of people, from the most mortal to the least. Those who, in one way or another, have already earned immortality. One of them was Margarita Carmen Cansino. That was her mortal name. The immortal, Rita Hayworth.

Legend has it that Rita Hayworth visited Granada in 1952, encouraged months before by what the director of photography of the film The Lady of Trinidad told her; who said she had been in a place with a fascinating light that allowed her to capture squares, monuments, the snow on the mountains, the tones of the fertile plain….

That place was called Granada.

A few months after receiving that recommendation, the daughter of the Spanish dancer Eduardo Cansino Reina decided to visit Granada. It was an unhurried visit despite the fact that she was one of the great Hollywood actresses of the time. Only a couple of lines were dedicated to her in the newspapers of the time, which allowed her to visit Granada and, especially, the rooms of the Alhambra without any stress or recognition, as can be seen in this photo from the EFE Agency.

Rita Hayworth.

How is it possible that one of the most important Hollywood actresses of the time could make such a visit, with such peace of mind? Possibly because Gilda, the film that made her eternal, was classified as a 21+ film because of the sensual attitude Hayworth displayed at the time. The photographs from that film were considered indecent by the Catholic Church.

When she returned to the United States, it is said that she called her friend Glenn Ford – her filming partner in the now legendary film – to tell him how moved she was by everything she saw and experienced in the Alhambra, and insisted that he visit it as soon as he could.

Glenn Ford never visited Granada, but he did recommend the visit to several colleagues, including Grace Kelly, who visited the Alhambra, now retired from the cinema, in the company of her husband, Rainier of Monaco.

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