The Dinosaur Beach of Tazones

Situated on the cliff at the western end of Tazones, several examples of dinosaur footprints can be watched

Dinosaur footprints can be found near the beach of Tazones. Specifically, in two places: next to the port, and near the lighthouse. They are theropod and sauropod dinosaur footprints.

Dinosaurs in Asturias? Millions of years ago there was no Asturias, nor anything we know today. There would not even have been the sea that bathes the beach of Tazones, nor other places in the vicinity that make up what is known as the Dinosaur Coast. So, dinosaurs of all kinds would have walked there, and their footprints can be found in the vicinity of this Asturian town, in particular, and in many places along the aforementioned coast.

The first place where they can be found is near the lighthouse of Tazones, as is the case of tail dragging footprints, as well as those of tridactyl dinosaurs. In addition, ichnites of quadrupeds can also be found in the area, as well as quadruped tracks with sandstone fillings.

Meanwhile, in the vicinity of Puerto de Tazones, tridactyl footprints can be found about one hundred and twenty metres from the cliff on the surface of a grey stratum, which would belong to bipedal dinosaurs.

Also, about five hundred metres from this site, another tridactyl footprint can be found forming a counter-mould at the base of a sandstone overhang at a height of several metres.

And if you want to know more about these sites, we recommend you watch the following video (in Spanish). Afterwards, why don’t you take the plunge and travel there to see these sites in person? We’ve already warned you that it’s worth it!

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