The heart of an empire, in photos

Mojados returned to the 16th century on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July with the celebration of its ‘Mojados, heart of an empire’

Mojados returned to the 16th century on 1, 2 and 3 July. An event that, as its Councillor for Culture, Tourism and New Technologies acknowledged to EL ESPAÑOL, «is one of the most important events in the municipality along with the Patron Saint Festivities of Our Lady of the Rosary and San Antonio. Last year we lived a version «adapted» to the circumstances, but this year we are enjoying it one hundred percent in its XV anniversary».

An event that tells the story of the meeting between two young men who, in time, became emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. As Rocío Martín pointed out to EL ESPAÑOL, «Carlos V puts us internationally on the map. It allows us to be known in places that we could not reach if it were not for this historical fact that happened here. The recognition of the prince Ferdinand to his brother, Prince Charles, as the legitimate heir to the crown of Castile, marked the future of world history».

An event that we summarise with these photographs by Javier Caballero and Vico P:

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