Limpias Carolus V Emperor

Limpias: in the footsteps of the emperor

For this Cantabrian village he passed in the year 1556 road to Yuste

We invite you to take a walk through a small village, but that summarizes the essence of Cantabria. Streets full of history to the embrace of a river, which form the waters of the Asón on its way to the sea.

Limpias smells of history. So much so that until the twelfth century it appeared in the documentation of the time as Coabab – with Celtic reminiscences – and that around 1201 it became part of the Laredo vassalage as ordered by King Alfonso VIII.

Limpias Carolus V EmperorName that one, Coabab, for which there are two explanations: first, that the merchandise that moved to the place, which had a good port, was cleaned there, which led to the name of the villa being called Limpias, as it is another word comfortable when talking; and also that the town was famous for its thermal waters, used with great success to combat skin diseases. The use of those crystalline waters could be the origin of the name by which the village is now known.

Limpias Carolus V Emperor

Quiet town, streets that smell and taste history, and where you can still feel the trace of returning Indians, who did not hesitate to claim their achievements with beautiful houses with balconies, shields and stone arches.

Limpias Carolus V Emperor
Casa-Torre de Palacio.

With a lot of flavor to history, we said. From the hermitage of Santa Isabel, always covered with ivy, to that of La Piedad, in the neighborhood of La Espina, spoiled by the neighbors who emigrated to Peru in search of riches. And also the Casa-Torre de Palacio, the one of the Count of Limpias or the Casa-Lonja del Rivero Palacio, to name a few. In the first of them, probably the oldest house in the village (sixteenth century), it is said that his mother, Juana, and his grandmother, Queen Isabel the Catholic, stayed on the road to Laredo, where they would embark towards Flanders.

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