Discover the beach of Tazones

Its length currently barely reaches 200 metres

Do you want to discover the beach where the future Emperor Charles V landed on his first trip to Spain? We show it to you in the following lines.

Instead of the welcome that awaited him in Laredo, with all the personalities of the moment ready to receive him, he was received by a frightened population, fearful that their people would be attacked; instead of flowers, cheers and flattery, they received him with scythes, with stones, with any farm implement capable of causing damage. A population in arms before a fleet like the one they had before their eyes.

PHOTO: Juanjo Arrojo

The storms and strong winds changed the place of the original landing, which was planned in Laredo – where he would make his last journey in 1556. Instead, what would eventually become Charles I of Spain and V of Germany landed on the beach of a small place on the Cantabrian coast called Tazones.

Once the confusion had subsided, the king disembarked on the beach to the amazement of those present and headed for Villaviciosa, where he stayed for up to four days; the time it took to form the cortege that would take him to Valladolid, made up of the wagons and beasts necessary for the journey.

PHOTO: Juanjo Arrojo

A landing that took place in a square of just over 200 meters long and that you can see, right now live, thanks to this webcam located on the same beach. In a place called Tazones, a member of our route network, and where every year we remember the day that the still Prince Charles landed on the way to becoming King of Castile.

As a curiosity, if you visit it, do not hesitate to go to the place – approximately 100 metres away – where you will be able to see the footprints of different dinosaurs.


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